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gourmet cookies
gourmet cookies

About Susie

"To Susie, the maker of EXTRAORDINARY cookies!!!"

This is one of many quotes that caused me to launch Soozie's Doozies Cookies.
We use only the finest All Natural, Non GMO ingredients and no preservatives. Every recipe is made with PURE vanilla extract, ORGANIC milk, ORGANIC eggs, NO hydrogenated oils, UNbleached flour, and REAL brown cane sugar. A ton of tender loving care go into each and every cookie. Every batch of dough and the baking of every cookie is carefully watched over to make sure they are the very best.

Susie started baking these cookies in 1994 when she was looking for a unique gift for her friends and family. Susie tried several "written" recipes and just couldn't find one that she liked, so she decided to come up with her own recipe.

Over the years, delighted recipients suggested that Susie market these cookies. She didn't take them seriously until the fall of 2003 when those suggestions became more and more numerous and frequent. Finally in November 2003 when Susie was told that she needed to do this because there is not a cookie anywhere that is as good as these, she decided it was time to pursue the dream of offering her cookies to the public.

We are into our 10th year and have baked millions of Doozies! We have had such an overwhelming response to these cookies from all kinds of different sources.

Susie says "In looking through the cards and letters I've received over the years from people thanking me for the cookies, the most repeated comment is "these are absolutely the best cookies I have ever eaten." I hope once you taste them, you will say the same! My goal is that Soozie's Doozies will be absolutely the best handmade gourmet cookie found anywhere and will be your choice of cookies for any kind of an event from a family gathering to a huge party.

We work very hard to provide you with the highest quality cookie to be found anywhere. Everyone asks Susie which is her favorite. She likes them all!!!

We hope you try them for yourself and let me know what you think. We love feedback, and each one is responded to personally.

They are truly ordinary cookies with an extraordinary taste! Go ahead and just give them a try - Susie personally guarantees that you will love them!!!

You can order through the website at or by calling us direct at 888-4-DOOZIE.

gourmet cookies
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